Do not forget to eat these foods even on an empty stomach, there may be a big risk for you

Do not forget to eat these foods even on an empty stomach

You may be surprised to know that so many foods, which are generally healthy, wreak havoc on you on an empty stomach. This is either due to their composition or because of how they react with the acid present in the stomach. Eating such foods, at lunch, dinner, or whenever your stomach is not completely empty mixes up with other foods and reduces the side effects they can cause. We do. Also, in such situations, your stomach is pre-coated with food (which can also be called preservation), which means that an empty stomach is unsafe, sensitive to risk, and what you eat. It is very sensitive.

Do not forget to eat these foods even on an empty stomach, there may be a big risk for you

Yogurt, and other fermented products

Fermented products are not really bad when eaten on an empty stomach, but if you expect a profit from it, there is not going to be any benefit. Morning time is the worst time to eat such products. The acid in the stomach will attack and kill all lactic acid bacteria, and this means that there is no benefit to your body.

Bagels, presales, puff pastry

Nowadays, in the run-of-the-mill life, we eat any food item about which we do not even know properly and there are some things which cause us a lot of damage and when it comes to morning time. So if any yeast foods are eaten first thing in the morning, then there is irritation in the stomach lining, which causes flatulence.


Bananas are definitely superfoods, but keep in mind when to eat them. Despite the fact that they satiate and relieve constipation, bananas contain high amounts of magnesium and potassium, which can cause these nutrients to exceed the requirement in the blood, and especially when eaten on an empty stomach. It can damage the heart.

Tea or coffee

We all know how dangerous tea and coffee are for us, but still, we use it to tell you that both tea and coffee are acidic in their nature, and by drinking on an empty stomach, this burning sensation is heartburn, hyperacidity And can cause indigestion, because the empty stomach is already acrid, so you should stay away from these two.

Citrus / Juice

Let us tell you that we should consume fruits in the morning, but in the morning and not in the morning, empty stomach means that do not consume anything that spoils the acidic environment of the stomach. And any sour fruit is full of acid that can cause heartburn if taken on an empty stomach and can increase the risk of gastritis and gastric ulcers.


Let me tell you that you might find this a very strange article because your whole idea of ​​an entire breakfast has been proved wrong. But don’t worry. Just remember to drink a glass of warm water after waking up in the morning. You can also take it with a little lemon and honey. It helps flush out toxins and dilutes the acid present in your stomach.

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