If you are troubled by vomiting, then follow these tips and go for a relay

If you are troubled by vomiting

If you vomit occasionally, then there can be many reasons behind it. Overeating, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, pregnancy or stomach upset, migraine and increased stomach heat can also cause vomiting. Not only does the body suffer due to vomiting, but it also worsens the taste of the mouth. Even if you are vomiting due to any problem. We are going to tell you the home remedies for vomiting, vomiting is sure to happen after trying them.

If you are troubled by vomiting, then follow these tips and go for a relay

Lemon and water

In vomiting, drinking lemon juice and a little sugar in a glass of water are beneficial. Apart from this, drinking black salt and black pepper in lemon juice stops vomiting.

Lemon and salt

Cut the lemon and add a pinch of black pepper powder and rock salt on it and bake it on fire, sucking it immediately helps in vomiting and stomach disorders.

Basil and Honey

Consumption of honey and basil is very beneficial in vomiting. Mixing honey in basil juice and giving it to the victim provides immediate relief.

Onion and pepper

If you are vomiting again and again, then extract the juice of an onion and mix a little pepper powder in it. Now take one spoonful of this mixture every two hours. You will get relief by doing this.

Rice water

If you are vomiting due to acidity, then remove the water from the cooked rice, and then cool it. Then consume it. Apart from this, drinking honey with rice water is also considered very effective in vomiting.

Hot water and lemon

If a pregnant woman is vomiting, again and again, she should be given lemon juice in lukewarm water in the morning and evening. This will give the woman relief from vomiting.

Cinnamon and honey

If you want to get relief from vomiting, you can make and drink cinnamon tea. Take a small piece of cinnamon and boil it in water and then add a little honey to it and consume it. Apart from this, drinking 10 grams of honey in one cup of water also stops vomiting.

Snow provides relief from vomiting

If you are vomiting due to scorching heat, then vomiting stops by sucking ice. This is an effective recipe for summer vomiting.

Cloves control vomiting

Sucking cloves also relieves vomiting. For this, the cloves should be roasted and put in the mouth, by doing this, vomiting is controlled.

Spice buttermilk intake

There is also the problem of vomiting due to increased heat in the stomach. In such a situation, drinking roasted cumin and rock salt in buttermilk is very quick.

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