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Natural herbs and plants to treat headaches, Know the herbs and plants for the treatment headaches

Natural herbs and plants to treat headaches

Do you want to know about Ayurvedic treatment of headaches or Ayurvedic medicine of headache with treatment? Today we will talk about it and headache in Ayurveda is also known as Shir: Shul which is associated with Shiroraga (Head disease). It is a type. It can appear as a symptom of a disease or a disease itself, the headache may be weak or strong, quite intense, and then gradually fade. Instead of accessing tried and tested pain reliever medications for headaches, we now show you natural herbs and plants’ other options. Below we present you some medicinal herbs and talk about their healing properties for headaches.

Natural herbs and plants to treat headaches, Know the herbs and plants for the treatment headaches


Ginger has long been a well-known remedy, often widely used in many dishes and dessert preparations. The roots of the plant can be found fresh or dried in the market. The healing effect of the herb on the ingredients contained therein is due. In addition to gingerol, zingiberene, borneol, many vitamins are still included, for example, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium, and phosphorus. Ginger tea is slightly spicy but tastes very pleasant. It works against headaches but also helps with nausea and vomiting.


Lavender aromas have a calming effect and improve mood. Its soothing effect on headache in natural medicine has long been known and undisputed. One can prepare aromatic teas from dried lavender leaves, which have analgesic effects on headaches. It also has an antidepressant and calming effect. Aromatherapy uses a lot of lavender essential oil. It is obtained from fresh flowers of medicinal herbs.


The leaves of the medicinal plant contain essential oils, whose components are citral, linalool and geraniol, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids, and Uralic acid. This magnificent composition dries up irritated nerves, relieves headaches, dizziness, and tinnitus. The soothing effect of Melissa is always in the foreground of the application of this medicinal herb. A medicinal tea from its leaves brings you to rest in the evening and guarantees a good night’s sleep. Melissa still helps with the nervous stomach and loss of appetite.


If you have a headache, you can easily rub a few drops of rosemary oil on a few leaves or palm of your hand every day and inhale the aroma of the herb. It combats headaches, helps with migraines, and relieves tension in temples. Our favorite rosemary is on this list of medicinal herbs for headaches. He is considered an all-rounder in the field of medicine. Rosemary also comes from the Mediterranean. Today it smells good in German gardens or at least in boxes of herbs, is used with pleasure as a spice and its healing effect is beyond doubt. Rosemary is found in high concentrations in essential oils. Its valuable ingredients include tannins, bitter substances, flavonoids, and resins.


Vanillin acid increases adrenaline and norepinephrine levels and we feel relaxed and happy. In aromatherapy, vanilla oil is used continuously, it improves mood and relaxes the body. It is also proven that vanilla pods can successfully combat migraines and headaches. Let me tell you that fragrant vanilla has a versatile effect on our health. Spices have a positive effect on the nervous system. Centuries ago it was also known as “tonic for the brain”.

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