Now get relief from knee pain – eat only these things and say good knee pain

Now get relief from knee pain

Nowadays the problem of knee and back pain has become quite common. Not only the elderly but also children and youth are suffering from this problem. If not treated in time, it can take a dangerous form. Here are some home remedies that provide relief from the pain of knees and waist, due to which you have difficulty in walking, getting up and sitting, as well as constant pain in knees also bothers you to rest. is. If you too are troubled by this type of pain, then the reason for this may be lack of exercise.

Now get relief from knee pain – eat only these things and say good knee pain

Fenugreek powder and Nigella seeds

If you have persistent pain in your knees, then you drink 1 teaspoon of fenugreek powder on a regular empty morning in the morning with lukewarm water. If you want this mixture, you can take half-half a teaspoon after the afternoon and dinner. This will help the joints to get stronger and at the same time give you pain.

Knee tightness

It is very important for any person to be healthy and especially for the elderly person, if there is any pain in his joints, then you can adopt this remedy soak a soft cloth in warm water and squeeze it, now with this cloth the knees are compacted. Do it Doing this also provides relief in knee pain.

Spice intake

If there is a pain in the joints, use hot things like cinnamon, cumin, ginger, and turmeric, etc. to eat that person. Consumption of these helps to reduce the swelling and pain of the knees. If you use it continuously, you can get rid of the swelling and pain of the knees.

Fenugreek seeds

The combination of fenugreek seeds and dry ginger can give you comfort in the pain of knees, which is a very good solution for you, add equal quantity of fenugreek seeds, dry ginger, and turmeric. Fry the mixture well on the mixer, then make a powder. Now, take this powder in the morning and in the evening after meals regularly with lukewarm water.


Yu, we use garlic daily in vegetables, but do you know that garlic has the power to fight many diseases, which you may not know, tell me that a garlic clove can be very useful for you, If possible, on an empty stomach, eat a bud of garlic with curd. This will also relieve the pain of the knees.

Neem and castor oil

Do you know how beneficial neem and castor oil is in your knee pain and how quickly you can give relief if not to you can use it and feel proud, neem and castor oil Mix equal quantity and heat it lightly, then massage the joints with this oil in the morning and evening? This will also relieve the pain of the knees.

Wheat Berries

Wheat grains can tell you that they are very beneficial whether it is for a common person or for a patient suffering from swelling and pain of the knees and it is believed that a lot of wheat grain is mixed with curd or milk. Eat once a day. By doing this regularly for 90 days, the calcium deficiency in the body is removed.

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