Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol, Do You Know What You Can do to Reduce Cholesterol

Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fatty substance that the liver produces. It plays an important role in the formation of cell walls, protective systems for nervous systems, and hormos. It combines with protein to form lipoprotein, which prevents fat from dissolving in the blood. This increase can cause problems such as heart attack, high blood pressure, and obesity. A blood test called lipid profile is done to check for cholesterol. Cholesterol is very good for our health. But diseases start when it starts to freeze in the blood cells. In this situation, blood circulation starts to get disrupted, and the heart has to pump more than before to get blood to all parts of the body. Cholesterol helps in controlling the hormones. It helps to keep the body healthy by soaking up the toxins of the blood. Cholesterol needs to be normal for the brain to function properly. Cholesterol is necessary to make vitamins from the sunlight on the body.

Remedy to Reduce Cholesterol, Do You Know What You Can do to Reduce Cholesterol

Dry Fruits

According to the American Heart Association, eating dry fruits is very important for our health, because they are rich in protein fiber and vitamin-E. Also, healthy fatty acids are found in fruits that are not processed in chemicals and cholesterol. It is very effective in reducing pain. So now you should eat a handful of disparities daily.

Sprouted grains

Sprouted pulses will not be wrong if they are called friends of the heart. Daily intake of sprouted pulses reduces impaired cholesterol. You can take at least half a cup of beans such as Rajma, Chana, Moong, Soyabean, and Urad in any form of soup, salad, or vegetable in your daily meal.

Green tea

Green tea has significantly less caffeine than coffee. Also, anti-oxidants that keep the body fit and healthy are also high in green tea. Drinking green-tea daily increases the body’s resistance, which makes it easier to reduce bad cholesterol.


It is easy to reduce cholesterol for people who eat fish. Actually, our body needs healthy fatty acids and amino acids. Apart from giving energy and vitamin-D to the body, fish are rich in healthy fatty acids and amino acids, which are useful in reducing cholesterol.

Reduce fat

Obesity is one of the major reasons for increasing cholesterol. Do not let the weight gain when the risk of high cholesterol increases. Excess obesity is also a cause of high cholesterol along with diabetes and high blood pressure.

Do yoga and exercise

Do not wait for weight gain for yoga and exercise. Doing yoga keeps blood circulation fine, prevents heart diseases, and increases immunity.


Eating oats in breakfast in the morning is a great start to a healthy day. Taking oats porridge daily in the morning for 6 weeks can reduce LDL by 5.3%.


Those who are fond of drinking wine, keep their booze. Drinking a little red grape wine 2 times a week helps in lowering cholesterol.

Aloe vera

Cholesterol control can be done by eating 50 grams of aloe vera on an empty stomach daily.


Soak the coriander in freshwater overnight and drink it in the morning. Also, chew soaked coriander and eat it.

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