Top 8 Highest Paying Construction Jobs in USA 2023

Explore here the Top Paying Construction Jobs in USA.

Several construction jobs are in huge demand in the United States as the older generations head into retirement in the United States. In fact, construction jobs come with high salaries for someone with a lot of experience in the construction field. Also, most construction jobs don’t require more than a high school education. Try an online search for what are construction positions available in the United States.

Why Are Construction Jobs In Massive Demand In The USA?

In the USA, many construction companies hire a wide range of contractors from around the country to fill a lot of job vacancies. Construction is a great career choice for some with a high school education. According to the source, the construction industry is expected to continue its growth from 2020 to 2030. So, jobs and opportunities for construction workers are expected to increase by 7% during this decade.

Choose Highest Paying Construction Jobs In USA

Are you looking for highest paying construction jobs in the USA? If yes, follow the list of the top paying construction jobs in the USA.

Construction Manager

This is the most in-demand in the USA. Construction managers or site managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, budgeting, and supervising construction projects during the entire process. With a salary of $98,890 per year in the USA, being a construction manager is a profitable and stable career choice for someone with a bachelor’s degree in construction, business, engineering, or a related field. This position requires knowledge of construction work. Construction managers work closely with clients and small workers to ensure that projects are completed on time according to the plan.

Several construction companies are hiring a wide range of construction managers from around the country to fill vacant positions. If you have a solid knowledge of construction work, you can get the right construction manager job in the USA.

Awning Installer/Construction

Awning Installer is another highest-paying construction job in the USA. This role is the most in demand due to the shortage of awning installers in the USA companies. Awning installers earn competitive wages of $46,900 /year, depending on experience. They troubleshoot & communicate install challenges on-site and reinforce quality and warranty assurances to consumers. You can become an awning installer if you have a lot of experience in the related field. This position requires efficiency with power and hand tools and an understanding of how to use and handling tools.

Construction Engineer

One of the high paying construction jobs, construction engineers manage the planning and design stages of construction projects during the entire process. They also contribute technical expertise to project drawings and designs, provide field and office support to the Construction Resident Engineer(s) on large-scale transportation projects, and read & understand construction documents, including drawings and specifications.

As a construction engineer in the US, you can earn up to $80,478 per year in the USA. This construction engineer position will require at least one year of experience in engineering/construction related to transportation as well as a bachelor’s degree in engineering, construction management, or project management.

Energy Engineer

The energy engineer is another construction job in the USA. Now, it is the most in-demand job than other construction jobs in the USA. The energy engineers are responsible for developing solutions for improving energy consumption and use. As an energy engineer, you’ll be responsible for the research, design, documentation, development, and evaluation of energy-related projects to reduce energy costs and/or improve. M people are earning the maximum as energy engineers in the USA. You can get a salary of $91397 annually in the United States.

Project Construction Manager

Like a construction manager, a project construction manager is one who holds the blueprints on a building site or construction during the entire process. As a project construction manager, you’ll be involved in the general contractors or project management team, which is responsible for overseeing the construction projects from the beginning to the end. This position will require a bachelor’s degree in construction management, project management, building management, or civil engineering with a minimum of 2 years of work experience in the related field.

The average salary of a project construction manager is $93,162 annually in the USA.

Construction Inspector

If you are looking for the top paying construction job in the USA, construction inspector is one for you and it can be a perfect way for your career to make bright. Construction inspectors are responsible for the inspect building site or construction structures to ascertain structure soundness, safety, and compliance with regulations during the entire process. They examine buildings, sewer and water systems, highways and streets, and other structures to ascertain structure soundness, safety, and compliance with regulations. With solid work experience and a bachelor’s degree, you can get a construction inspector job in the USA.

As a construction inspector, you can get an average salary of $55,027 annually in the USA.

Construction Technician

Construction technician is a top-paying construction job in the USA. Reading & understanding drawings, controlling & electrical diagrams, installing control wiring, and coordinating with the production office and shop on material delivery dates are the top responsibilities of construction technicians in the USA. This position requires at least 2 or 3 years of mid-level or journey-level experience as well as a high school diploma or GED. As a construction technician, you will be responsible for managing, operating, and end-to-completing the entire process of a project. The national average salary of a construction technician is $50,420 in the United States.


Ironworkers are responsible for building and installing iron and steel components for commercial & resident buildings, bridges, roads, and other structures. They are also known as welders, fabricators, assemblers, or erectors. You can work as an ironworker if you have learned a trade through an apprenticeship, on-the-job training, or a combination of both. The national average salary for an ironworker in the USA is $58550 per year in the USA.

To conclude:

These construction jobs are the most in-demand as the construction industry in the USA is booming and wages in the construction trades are increasing. Thus, you can choose one of these jobs that suit your interest and experience.


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