Surprising Fall Foods That Will Help You Sleep Well

It is a natural thing that everyone should take 7-8 hours of sleep throughout the day. Especially in adults, it is very important that he should complete 7 hours of sleep at night out of his stressful life. Nowadays people go through a stressful environment in their whole day routine and in the midst of all this, it is very difficult to get a comfortable sleep.

It is a very common thing that when you come home tired and after work, you want to take a very good sleep by removing the stress on your bed but it is not possible. To solve this, some such foods have been made that will help you get a good stress free sleep.


As soon as the cold months come, we miss Apple because these days Apples are seen in abundance all around you. It is known to all that apple is one of the most beneficial fruits for health, but very few people know that apple also helps you to have a better and restful sleep. Apples are rich in vitamin C which is very good for your body. Apple also helps in controlling your blood pressure and sugar. Apple also helps your losing weight.


Be it almonds or any nuts, the amount of magnesium is high in it, due to this it proves to be helpful in getting better sleep. If you sleep after eating almonds before sleeping, then you fall asleep in a night of dream sleep. In which there is no tension at all.  According to doctors, almonds are very beneficial for your health and brain also. If you are eating one almond in a day, that increases 20% magnesium in your body.


Turkey is one food that will help you get a better nap. Many people do not know about this food. Basically, it is a popular poultry dish in North America. If you are aware of it, you will also know that turkey contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that is well-known and helpful for its calming effects on your body. Tryptophan may have mild sedative properties that help relieve you of a sleep disorder.

Sweet Corn


Corn is very delicious food for not only dinner even a whole day of meals. Melatonin is found in corn. It is a hormone produced by the pineal gland which is generally beneficial for people who face the problem of sleeplessness. Consuming melatonin-rich foods, such as corn, can also help achieve better sleep. Corn proves appropriate in reducing your cholesterol. It keeps your digestive system right. Along with all this, sweet corn is one of the most delicious dishes.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are very healthy food and can be eaten with turkey and many other dishes. Baked sweet potatoes are a wonderfully delicious dish that can help you sleep better. By eating a sweet potato with any dish throughout the day, you can relieve your fatigue and sleep well at night without any stress. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber. Fiber is considered very beneficial for good sleep. That’s why sweet potatoes can make for a great before bedtime snack.


Cranberries are known as Vaccinium subg Oxycoccus. Cranberry is one of those fruits that are very tasty and loaded with many vitamins. And you all know that vitamins are very important for our body. It also removes your problem of sleeplessness. Cranberries juice is also good for your health it’s too yummy and testy.